New York Peace Institute’s Apprenticeship is a structured hands-on learning experience that blends classroom instruction with case observation and real mediation. This program is designed to equip those who want to become volunteer mediators with us at the New York Peace Institute. We also support the learning and development of individuals who may not plan to become volunteers with us, though we strongly encourage all apprentices to volunteer with us.

Apprentices will learn and practice concepts that were introduced in the Basic Mediation Training, but with more depth and in a small group setting. The course is also designed to prepare apprentices to pass New York Peace Institute’s Evaluation.

Our program is approved by New York State’s Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Court Improvement Programs and is geared toward recruiting a diverse and qualified cadre of Community Dispute Resolution Center Program volunteer mediators. In other words, our goal is to train, develop, and support individuals who are passionate about mediation.

Upcoming Programs

***Fall 2018 Apprenticeship Applications are now being accepted

*The program runs for 12 consecutive weeks. You can choose between a morning or evening class on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.



Application Deadline: Applications are due no later than July 29th, 2018.

New York Peace Institute accepts applications until the application deadline. Applications are not reviewed until after the deadline.

General public: $1350
New York Peace Institute trainees: $975*

*Discounted rate is available to individuals who completed the New York Peace Institute’s Basic Mediation Training.

Who’s Eligible to Apply?
Individuals who completed their training with New York Peace Institute or elsewhere with an ADRCIP-Certified trainer are eligible to apply directly to our Apprenticeship.

Application Process
New York Peace Institute does not review applications until after our deadline. Due to limited capacity, New York Peace Institute cannot accept all applicants into our program. Individuals who are not accepted into the program may reapply in the future or may choose to apply for apprenticeship programs at other community dispute resolution centers.

Program Requirements

  1. Complete 10 weeks of class instruction
  2. Complete a mid-point progress assessment
  3. Observe 3 mediation sessions*
  4. Co-mediate 5 cases under direct supervision*
  5. Participate in an evaluation on Weeks 11 & 12

*Mediations conducted in class do not count toward the observation and co-mediation requirements.

Course Objectives

  1. To review the concepts and skills introduced in the Basic Mediation Training
  2. To orient apprentices to the skills, values, and process of mediation
  3. To develop mediation skills through observation and practice
  4. To create opportunities for apprentices to demonstrate their skills, receive constructive feedback, and integrate this feedback into their practice
  5. To prepare apprentices to successfully mediate on their own


Buzz about the Apprenticeship Program:
“The expertise, support and hands-on approach of the New York Peace Institute’s Mediation Apprenticeship Program’s mentors afforded me the ability to transition from mediation theory and concept to actual practice. Furthermore, the Program’s small group setting fostered an atmosphere conducive to building confidence as much as skills. The Institute itself is administrated by forward-thinking professionals dedicated not only to promoting peace in the community but to providing the highest quality training possible, as well. In sum, I eagerly recommend the New York Peace Institute’s Mediation Apprenticeship Program to anyone interested in moving beyond basic mediation training or honing already existing skills.” 
~ Mallory J. Stevens, LLC

Get in touch with us:
Questions? Contact Elena McCalla at

Disability Accommodation:

If you are an individual with a disability and need an accommodation to participate in training you may make a request in a written format or orally. Please contact Elena at or (212) 577-1740 x113.



Apply for the Apprenticeship + Diversity Scholarship HERE

New York Peace Institute’s Diversity Scholarship is committed to building a representative mediator pool that reflects the diversity of our clients. Scholarships are open to applicants who are in financial need and represent racial and ethnic diversity.

We consider the following factors:

  • Financial need, in particular those who are low-income and who have experienced economic obstacles to educational opportunities.
  • Racial and/or ethnic diversity. We hope to build a mediator pool that reflects the incredible diversity of New York and the different communities across the city
  • New York City residency.