In addition to getting in the middle of a whole range of disputes and training and certifying individuals to become mediators, we also provide customized training and facilitation services to organizations. Through training, coaching, and facilitation, we help organizations increase their capacity to handle conflict, reduce longstanding and escalating tension in the workplace, and strengthen interpersonal relationships through team-building and communication exercises. In other words, we help organizations resolve conflict so employees can focus their energy on the mission of their organizations.

Customized Training
We work individually with our clients to build trainings that specifically address their organizational needs. Whether agencies are looking to increase communication amongst team members, build consensus, increase the conflict resolution skills of their staff, or build skills for effective management and leadership, we design programs to help groups achieve these goals.

Our trainings range from ½ day workshops to multi-day trainings and our team travels nationally and internationally to conduct programs. We work with private companies, community organizations, religious organizations, government agencies, schools, non-government organizations, and individual managers to create trainings that meet their budget, timeframe and agenda needs.

We provide training on:
•  Building stronger and more effective teams
•  Conflict resolution styles
•  De-escalation techniques
•  Team-building
•  Negotiation
•  Consensus building
•  Facilitating group meetings
•  Empathic listening
•  Giving and receiving effective feedback
•  Creative problem solving


Get in touch with us 
Contact our Training Director, Will Nassau, at or (212) 577.1740 x117. We look forward to speaking with you!