We believe conflict offers opportunities for increased understanding, improved relationships, and better communication. Our workshops build key dispute resolution skills to improve team cohesion and resolve workplace differences. With a focus on mediation skills, our trainings help your staff navigate difficult conversations, manage disagreements, and address challenges creatively.

Our trainings are engaging and participant-centered: group work, coaching, multimedia, drawing, and discussion are central features (oh, and NO PowerPoint). We ensure our participants have a significant amount of time to practice the skills they’re learning, ask questions, and wrestle challenging concepts to the ground.


We offer two categories of training, our Communication Skills Training and the Basic Mediation Training. 


New York Peace Institute’s Communication Skills Training will train your staff in the Jedi-like mediation tools used by dispute resolution professionals. This training explores different responses to conflict, what active listening looks like in practice, and key mediation and de-escalation skills such as reflection & appreciative inquiry. Communication Skills Trainings are available as half-, full-, or two-day trainings. 


Our Basic Mediation Training will teach your staff how to formally mediate a dispute. During the training we explore questions like: What is mediation and how does it compare to other forms of alternative dispute resolution? What are the core skills I need to be an effective mediator? What are the foundational values of mediation? What is my role as a mediator? What makes a successful mediation? Through group discussion, hands-on exercises, lecture, and role-play, participants have the chance to engage with these and other critical questions, and practice new skills with support and feedback from experienced mediators and trainers. Basic Mediation Trainings are available as three- or four-day trainings.


For more information about fees and our different training packages, contact our Director of Training & Business Development, Will Nassau, at: or (212) 577-1740 x117.