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Restorative Justice Trainings


Our Restorative Practices trainings are interactive, trauma-informed and tailored to the needs of those we train. Our goal is to create a network of trained practitioners who believe in Restorative Justice and use Restorative Practices to build and transform their own communities.

Tier I: Community Building

We start with the foundational theory and principles of Restorative Justice and then participants work with our trainers and coaches to develop their own circle-keeping skills, approach and voice. By the end of this training, participants have a solid understanding of the circle process and how it is used to build community and connection.

Tier II: Responding to Harm

Building on Tier I, we focus on guiding participants through the steps of how to prepare for, facilitate, and follow-up from harm circles and restorative conferences. By the end of this training, participants know how to facilitate restorative circles/conferences, and they understand how Tier II practices fit into a broader restorative approach that includes both community-building and responding to harm.


Our practicum provides continued support and coaching for individuals who have received our Tier I or Tier II training. The practicum is an experiential workshop, conducted in a circle, that provides participants with an opportunity to hone their skills and receive individualized feedback from a Coach. For more info on training & practicums, contact Lynne Echenberg: LEchenberg@nypeace.org.

Youth Training

Our multi-week youth training combines Restorative Justice theory, Restorative Practices, and basic mediation skills using a curriculum we developed specifically for young people. Our training emphasizes hands-on experience with high levels of support. Participants develop social and emotional literacy and critical thinking and communication skills through role-play and practice. For more info about youth training, contact Kailani Capote: KCapote@nypeace.org.