Who We Are

A Bit About Us

New York Peace Institute is committed to promoting peace in our communities. Whether a dispute involves two people, dozens of people, or several groups, we can help.

We work in the following areas:


Conflict Coaching

Group Facilitation

Restorative Justice

Our Vision

New York Peace Institute envisions a world in which all people have the resources to creatively and constructively resolve their differences.

Our Mission

People disagree and arguments escalate. As experts in conflict response, New York Peace Institute empowers people to find creative and durable solutions to their disputes. We teach vital conflict resolution skills to communities and organizations, and we advance the field by training and certifying professional mediators.

Our Values

Everything we do comes out of the core belief that active peacemaking requires direct, respectful, and creative communication. We’re here to get in the middle when people or communities have disputes, and our work is driven by these six values:


We see every conflict as an opportunity for better understanding. Mediation is a valuable tool, so we strive to make it more accessible to everyone.


We encourage openness—from ourselves and from people in disputes—because direct communication is the best way to find solutions.


We don’t simply remain neutral—we strive to understand and honor the different points of view of the individuals, parties, or communities in conflict.


We create a private, collaborative environment to help individuals and communities find practical solutions to their disputes. We also help them gain the tools to handle future conflicts.


We demand nothing but the best from ourselves on behalf of the people we work with—whether in mediation, in trainings, or during any other discussions.


We think differently—and we encourage the people we work with to think differently—to find innovative, and perhaps unexpected, solutions to make New York City a more peaceful place.