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Who We Are

A Bit About Us

New York Peace Institute is committed to promoting peace in our communities. Whether a dispute involves two people, dozens of people, or several groups, we can help.

We work in the following areas:


Conflict Coaching

Group Facilitation

Restorative Justice

Our Vision

New York Peace Institute envisions a world in which all people have the resources to creatively and constructively resolve their differences.

Our Mission

People disagree and arguments escalate. As experts in conflict response, New York Peace Institute empowers people to find creative and durable solutions to their disputes. We teach vital conflict resolution skills to communities and organizations, and we advance the field by training and certifying professional mediators.

New York Peace Institute’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement:

New York Peace Institute is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and we believe that every individual on our staff, roster of volunteers, and board brings a unique perspective and experience to advance NYPI’s core values and mission. We are stronger when those voices are heard and incorporated into decision-making.


We recognize that diversity, equity, and inclusion are active goals that require continuous commitment. We endeavor to foster a culture of open-mindedness, compassion, and inclusiveness for our staff, volunteers and board members. We strive to build an equitable organization including individuals from a wide range of different cultures, backgrounds, life experiences, races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, and socioeconomic statuses. We seek to create and maintain opportunities for engagement, education, and discourse related to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion for our staff, volunteers, and board members. Finally, we aspire to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into our Mission and our Core Values outlined below:

Our Values

Everything we do comes out of the core belief that active peacemaking requires direct, respectful, and creative communication. We’re here to get in the middle when people or communities have disputes, and our work is driven by these six values:


New York Peace Institute helps people have difficult conversations. We are dedicated to upholding the values of mediation, restorative justice, and the Alternative Dispute Resolution field to provide innovative and quality services to the clients we serve. Our staff and volunteers work diligently to fulfill their roles and responsibilities, as they continue to learn, grow, and serve our clients.


New York Peace Institute promotes care and consideration for staff and clients. We believe in feedback and forgiveness, and the importance of addressing harm. We appreciate the whole person and understand that we must respect circumstances, perspectives and experiences in our interactions with one another.


New York Peace Institute embraces hard conversations and is dedicated to open, regular, honest communication and dialogue. We strive for clarity in decision-making processes and organizational policies, and we believe in setting clear expectations for staff, volunteers, and clients. We provide clear instructions and information about all aspects of our services.


New York Peace Institute is responsive to our clients, the changing disciplines, our organizational needs, and the needs of the communities we serve. Our staff adapts to changing circumstances with grace and humility, while still maintaining high quality. As an organization, we strive to encourage innovation and are open to listening and considering new ideas.


New York Peace Institute staff, volunteers, board members and clients are part of a community built together and constantly evolving to make space for each of us. We appreciate and acknowledge the other communities that we are a part of – those based on our identities, our neighborhoods, our lived experiences, and the expertise within our field. We come together to create a culture at New York Peace Institute of belonging, where our collective voices aspire to further the mission and goals of the organization.


New York Peace Institute continuously strives to maintain high standards in our work to best serve our clients, support our staff, and to be thought leaders in the ADR community. We do this by providing staff and volunteers training and professional development opportunities, consistent and frequent feedback, and by sharing our ideas and experiences with our colleagues and partners.