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Apprenticeship From Afar

Training and Business Development Manager Ayanna Behin, Associate Director of Training Chris Daly, and Apprentice Ashley Smyth share how the Apprenticeship program has changed due to the current health crisis.


Can Mediation Help Parents Deal With Joint Custody Right Now? NYPI Thinks So.

By Senior Manager Family Programs, Carol Himes

Deborah Copaken’s article entitled, “How Are Parents Supposed to Deal With Joint Custody Right Now?” (Atlantic, April 8, 2020) underscores the increased challenges the current health crisis is imposing on co-parents, as well as their children.


As the author observes, the COVID-19 pandemic is placing unprecedented pressures on families. Parents worry about their own health and that of their children and loved ones; they are working from home, recently unemployed, or are essential workers putting themselves and possibly their families at risk; and many are likely facing financial strains on food and rent budgets. Further, child-care is virtually nonexistent and school-aged children require additional educational support now that they are “attending” school remotely.


NYPI Responds To Shrinking Special Education Services Amid Coronavirus Upheaval

By Senior Manager, Family Programs, Carol Himes

NYC gives the OK to shrink special education services amid coronavirus upheaval” (Chalkbeat, April 9, 2020) underscores the increased challenges imposed on students with disabilities, their families and educators as a result of the current health crisis.

New York Peace Institute and other Community Dispute Resolution Centers (CDRCs) across New York State provide free, legally binding Special Education mediation that empowers both parents and educators to find creative and durable solutions to disputes about a student’s educational plan (IEP).




New York Peace Institute (NYPI) has served as a critical resource for communities in Brooklyn and Manhattan for almost 40 years and continues to offer services during this unprecedented health crisis due to COVID-19. Feelings of frustration and concern are now at an all-time high. New Yorkers are experiencing significant disruption, which may lead to conflict, anxiety and stress.


New York Peace Institute offers free services that help ease tensions and effectively address conflict. NYPI supports individuals, families and communities to break the cycle of conflict and stress and find their own creative solutions to conflict. We are now offering all of our services remotely via phone or video-conference. Interested parties should contact NYPI for assistance.


We can help you with:

  • Conflicts between family members
  • Co-parenting issues
  • Educational disputes between parents and schools
  • Landlord/tenant issues or disagreements with neighbors
  • A matter pending in civil or small claims court
  • Talking circles for community support
  • Facilitating a difficult conversation or providing tips for navigating conflict


Conflict in #CloseQuarters: Activity and Conversation Starter for Kids

Training and Business Development Manager, Ayanna Behin, asked her son to draw a picture of conflict and he chose the very relateable scenario of fighting over the remote control. 

While we are all staying inside during this health crisis, many of us are experiencing conflicts related to our #CloseQuarters and all the extra time we have with our loved ones. This can be difficult for kids to understand and deal with. At New York Peace Institute, we believe that talking about it helps. And drawing does too! 


COVID-19 Community Resources

Below you will find COVID-19 resources sorted by type of resource. At the bottom of the list, we have linked other massive resource banks compiled by dedicated community members and local organizations. We are committed to assisting our local community and grateful for all those providing necessary services during this time of crisis.READ MORE

New York Peace Institute Response to COVID-19

Dear New York Peace Institute Community,

During this unprecedented health crisis created by the spread of COVID-19, New York Peace Institute is firmly committed to continuing to serve our clients and our communities by offering our services remotely. We are also prioritizing the health of our clients, volunteers, staff and partners. Please note the following important information.


Free Conflict Resolution Services

Although our offices will be temporarily closed during the COVID-19 outbreak until health care officials advise it is safe to reopen them, our programs are not shutting down. We take our motto, “Let us get in the middle” seriously and will continue to do what we do best―provide high-quality mediation, conflict coaching, and restorative processes free-of-charge―though now, those services will be provided remotely via a video or telephone call instead of in a conference room at our center or at a courthouse.READ MORE

Breaking Bread Building Bonds

New York Peace Institute is thrilled to be part of the new Breaking Bread, Building Bonds Initiative from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. 

The initiative will organize 100 dinners hosted by NYC residents that include ten “everyday people” each representing various ethnicities, identities, and faiths. New York Peace Institute has been invited to share tips for dinner hosts and help them prepare to facilitate conversations. To that end, we have developed a tip sheet and will host info sessions and trainings for hosts throughout the year. 

You can learn more about this important new initiative and sign up to be a host or participant by clicking here: https://www.brooklyn-usa.org/breaking-bread/