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Conflict Coaching

What is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict Coaching gives you a better understanding of how to manage a dispute or problem. It gives you the opportunity to explore different perspectives and equips you to strategize the best plan for you. Coaching improves your ability to work through conflicts for a specific dispute or in other aspects of your life.

Conflict Coaching is a confidential, one-on-one meeting between you and a trained conflict resolution expert. Coaching helps you gain perspective on your conflict, make decisions about next steps, and learn key communication skills.

A typical session lasts up to two hours. Additional sessions can be scheduled as needed.

Conflict Coaching is FREE.

New York Peace Institute is a not-for-profit agency. Our professionally trained coaches provide this service cost-free to New York City residents in Brooklyn and Manhattan.


More about Conflict Coaching

  • Conflict coaching is for anyone involved in a disagreement or conflict, including with family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, employees, or your school.
  • Coaching helps you determine if and how to engage with the other person and to strategize options to resolve your issues.

  • Coaching is an alternative option to mediation when the other party does not agree to participate.
  • Coaching prior to mediation helps you prepare for a joint session. It is also be used parallel to mediation as an intervention to help ease tensions and improve communication.

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